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 A visual artist working primarily with acrylic, watercolor & mixed-media.  

Inspiration for creating art is easily found by paying attention to the miraculous details in nature.  I love to be outdoors during all seasons, and am grateful to live in New England where beauty abounds.  I was born into a large family, and raised in Vermont by two very hard-working, innovative, creative parents.  The seeds of creativity and imaginative thought were planted at a very young age. All of my life, I have moved from one creative project to another, working with a wide variety of materials.   I have taken advantage of every possible opportunity to learn, to explore and to improve my skills.  I have studied with a variety of  professional artists through private lessons, workshops, and college art courses.  After a long and fulfilling career as an educator, I am finally able to follow my artistic passion full time.  My work is representational, inspired by reality, and my imagination.  As a contemplative artist, an attitude of presence, awareness and gratitude is involved in my creative process.   Creative inspiration often surprises me during a contemplative practice, whether during a formal sit, or a walk in the woods or along the ocean.  A painting is complete when I can say that I love it, and when it evokes emotion and story for the viewer.  A very good day is one spent at the easel.  I love to paint!

"Every day I see or hear something that more or less kills me with delight."   Mary Oliver 

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