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For many years, I have enjoyed producing personalized art. This page represents a small sampling.   (Click on the image for more details.)  If you have an idea for a unique, personalized, specific piece of art for a child's wall, for a special occasion or memory, or to enhance and individualize your home's decor, I would be happy to work with you.  Simply email me to discuss your idea, and we can talk about details, pricing and timing.   My email:

"For Sadie"

A commissioned painting for a much-loved granddaughter.

"For Willow"

A commissioned piece for a granddaughter named Willow. This painting contains a good deal of symbolism in the characters, sun, moon, willow tree, etc.

"For Teagan"

A loving grandmother commissioned this for her granddaughter, Teagan.

"For Connor"

A loving grandmother commissioned this painting for her young grandson who loves fancy cars and playing golf.

Lucy's Friends

Lucy's Friends - A painting for my beautiful grandchild.

Snack Time

Snack Time - for a new baby.

Sweet Lily

I wanted to capture Lily's sweet, playful demeanor.

Young Lily

Lily as a puppy. She was the sweetest little dog.

Sweet Mia

Mia is a little gem-of-a-dog. I wanted to capture her sweet little face and fun personality.


A much-loved pet. Ella, a blood hound as a small puppy here. She grew to be a very large dog.

'Rona Rooster

This is not a family pet, but a commissioned 24x30" painting.

African Kudu

Another commissioned, large painting of a Kudu. They are beautiful, majestic animals.

Zoe's Unicorn

My granddaughter would love to have this unicorn as a family pet. According to Zoe, unicorns can fly and are known to live in the wilderness and magical places. If you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse. Zoe asked for this painting and coached me during the entire process. The coloring and hair had to be just right.

Miles' Panda

Another commissioned painting for a child's wall. Who doesn't love a panda?

Bird #1

I love to paint birds as well. This painting is one in a series of small bird paintings.

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