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The Great Gray

"The Great Gray" $2,000, 24x24" black floater frame

Lucia's Flower Garden

"Lucia's Flower Garden" 24x24" Commission

Grazing Days

"Grazing Days" $1800 14x26" black floater frame


"Mirabelle" $700 12x12" gallery-wrapped canvas

Seat with a View

"Seat with a View" $400, 10x10" black floater frame

Birds on a Wire

"Birds on a Wire" $1800, 24x24" black floater frame

Above the Trees

SOLD "Above the Trees" Prints Available

Cow in the Clouds

SOLD "Cows in the Clouds" prints available

Zebras at Dusk

SOLD "Zebras at Dusk" 18x18" Prints available

Moving the Herd

SOLD "Moving the Herd" 24x24" Prints available


SOLD "Connections" prints available


SOLD "Tova" prints available

Motif No. 1 - First Snow

SOLD "Motif No. 1"


SOLD "Chloe"

October Moon

SOLD "October Moon" Prints available


"Wonder" - 12x12x1 1/2" gallery wrapped acrylic on canvas. $700

Young Jersey

SOLD "Young Jersey" Prints available

Pebbles on the Beach

SOLD "Pebbles on the Beach" Prints available


SOLD "Grace" Prints available


SOLD "Storm" Prints available

Plover Chick 1

SOLD Plover Chick 1

Plover Chick 2

SOLD Plover Chick 2


SOLD "Lucinda" Prints Available

Snack Time

Commission- "Snack Time"

Pebble Beach Sunset

SOLD "Pebble Beach Sunset"


SOLD "Amelie" Prints available


SOLD - "Maxmillian"


SOLD "Felicity"


"Peace" 14x14" acrylic on canvas. Black floater frame. ($600)

SA Kudi

"Kudu" 24x36" Commission

"For Sadie"

Commission "For Sadie"

Spirit Trees

NFS - Spirit Trees


"Rocky" commission

"For Willow"

Commission- "For Willow'

Lucy's Friends

Commission- "Lucy's Friends"

"For Teagan"

Commission "For Teagan"

"For Connor"

Commission, "For Connor"

Evening Sky

"Evening Sky" 13 1/2 x 37 1/2" - black, floater frame. $2,000 Giclee print on canvas is available - inquire for price.

Full Moon Rising

SOLD "Full Moon Rising"

Skywriting for Miles

Commission - Skywriting for Miles

"Sweet Cow"

SOLD "Sweet Cow"

'Rising Tide'

SOLD "Rising Tide" Prints available

The Path Ahead

SOLD "The Path Ahead'

Into the Woods 3

"Into the Woods 3" 12 x 36x 1-1/2" gallery wrapped canvas. $1,000


SOLD "Dreamscape"

After the Storm

'After the Storm' 18x22" black floater frame ($1,300)

First Snow

SOLD "First Snow" Prints available

Harvest Moon

SOLD "Harvest Moon"


"Floating" 12x14" acrylic on canvas. Black floater frame. ($700)

Sweet Lily

Commission -"Sweet Lily"

Into the Woods

SOLD "Into the Woods"

Soft Reflection

SOLD "Soft Reflection"


SOLD "Fantasy"

'Weston Priory'

Commission - " Weston Priory"

Zoe's Unicorn

Commission- "Zoe's Unicorn"

'Sweet Mia'

Commission- "Sweet Mia"

'Rona Rooster'

Commission- "Rona Rooster"

Into the Woods 2

SOLD "Into the Woods 2"

'Two Pears'

Commission- "Two Pears"


Commission- "Lily"

'Pebble Beach'

SOLD "Pebble Beach"

'Summer Color'

Commission- "Summer Color"

'Pebble Beach #2'

SOLD "Pebble Beach 2"


Commission- Ella

'Miles' Panda'

Commission- "Miles' Panda"

'Bird #1'

Commission- "Bird #1"

'Bird #2'

Commission- "Bird #2"

'Bird #3'

Commission- "Bird #3"

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